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"Ensure that you are set up for direct billing with your insurance company. This means that you, your spouse, or your children are eligible for direct billing. Please note: this is not automatic when you have an insurance card."
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Most clinics offer direct billing for their clients. Sometimes there are a few reasons why, this might not be so easy for your RMT to do, therefore you will be required to pay the clinic for your appointment and submit the receipt yourself.

Consider the following things prior to having someone submit electronically for you, to save everyone the headache (well…a massage can fix that;)

1- Ensure that you are set up for direct billing with your insurance company. This means that you, your spouse, or your children are eligible for direct billing. Please note: this is not automatic when you have an insurance card.

2-If your address has recently changed, PLEASE make sure that your company has the most recent address on file. You may even be able to update it through the web or app. Sometimes we still need to speak to a human being, we cant always rely on computers to update information

3-If you have a dentist which does direct billing (most offices will) this again does not automatically mean RMT clinics can bill for you. They are different to other health care practitioners when it comes to billing insurance companies.

4-To see a RMT we do not require a doctors referral, however often times the insurance company will require one. If you are unsure, I suggest calling our insurance company and asking them if its required or not. If we submit for your appointment and you do not have a doctors letter on file, the clinic will not be able to bill on your behalf. NOTE: A new doctors letter is required every new year!

5- Savannah Massage Therapy and Wellness Clinic is a privately run clinic, therefore we do NOT accept or bill OHIP (Ontario Health insurance plans), we do not require or ask for your health card.

6-We are only able to bill to your primary insurance company. This means, if family members or spouses are under one plan ie: Sunlife this is not problem. If you are covered under two different companies ie. one member-Manulife and second member is Sunlife we can only bill the primary. If your primary coverage only covers 80% of the massage, you are welcome to take the receipt and submit to the secondary company for full coverage of your massage appointment.

Thank you,

Savannah Massage Therapy and Wellness Clinic 

Companies we can direct bill to:

Sun Life financial, Manulife financial, Great-West life, CINUP, Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance, Cowan, Desjardins Insurance, First Canadian, GroupHEALTH, GroupSource, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc., Johnston Group INC., Manion, RWAM, MDM Insurance, Greenshield, BlueCross, SSQ insurance, the Co-operators and Equitable Life (submission only).

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Lisa De Souza

Lisa De Souza

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