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Direct Billing

We are happy to offer Direct Billing to insurance companies for our clients when they book a Massage Treatment with us! Read on to learn more.
Lisa De Souza Massage Therapist Front Desk

Direct Billing

Do we as RMT’s require a doctors letter for massage therapy?

No, we do not. However, your insurance company may require one in order for them to cover your treatment. Please note: We are not able to process your doctor’s letter for you, this should be done prior to your treatment as they may take 2-10 business days to process before we are able to submit without any issues.

How much money do I have left?

We do not have access to this information, we can provide you with the total amount that has been billed on your behalf. It is strongly recommended that you contact your insurer to find out the total coverage.

Do you know how much will be covered per treatment?

No, unfortunately, we do not have access to this information until you arrive for your massage appointment and we process the claim. We cannot process the claim prior to your visit nor can we do a predetermination of the claim.

Can you bill my service under my partners name?

Unfortunately we are not able to do this as this is insurance fraud. We will only bill for the person who received the treatment and for the day the treatment occurred, we will not be able to back date or future date submissions to the insure.

Secondary insurance plans – Can you bill to secondary insurer?

No, we are not able to accommodate this at the moment. If in the future we can, we will look into this for our clients. Currently, we are only able to process the primary insurer.

Direct billing can be done 1 of 2 ways.. Wait WHAT?

Yup, this is true. We have chosen to do direct billing for our clients which means we will submit your claim to the insurance company and the company will reimburse the clinic. If there is a balance owing you are required to pay the balance at the time of your appointment.

With the other way, some clinics require their patients to pay the clinic in full for the service, and the clinic will bill the insurer but have the payment be PAID to the CLIENT.

When a claim can’t be processed?

We will do our best to submit a claim and have it processed at the time of your visit, in the event that an error with the submission occurs, we will ask that you pay your treatment in full at the time of your visit to the clinic.

Billing insurance for your no show appointment?

If you do not show for your massage appointment we do have a clinic policy which is “no show/less than 24 hours notice” will be charged 50% of the treatment time. This fee will be charged to you personally and we will not be able to process this to the insurer.

Does OHIP cover massage therapy?

Massage Therapy is not covered by OHIP.

Can you bill reflexology as a massage session?

No, we will bill according to the treatment and whom provided the service.

What Insurers Are Accepted?

Blue Cross

Canada Life (Great West Life)

Chambers of Commerce



Empire Life

Equitable Life



Industrial Alliance

Johnson Group

Johnston Group INC




MDM Insurance




Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about how we use Direct Billing, please feel free to email us at or Call the clinic!

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Lisa De Souza

Lisa De Souza

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