Lipoma vs. Lymphoma vs. Lymphatic Drainage vs. Lymphedema: A Breakdown of the ‘L’ Words

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We (Biljana only) offer Lymphathic Drainage treatment at our clinic which is an effective treatment for a number of conditions and symptoms but there seems to be a little bit of confusion.

So here are some common miss understandings which are not indicated for MLD treatment:

Lipoma – are benign (not cancerous), fatty lumps. Lipomas can appear anywhere where you have fat cells and most commonly grow on the neck, chest, back, shoulders, arms and thighs. The cause of lipomas is often unknown, but some families have a genetic tendency to develop them.

Lymphoma – Hodgkin lymphoma and non Hodgkin lymphoma which is a cancer in the lymphatic system

The two that can be treated by MLD are:

Lymphatic drainage – Lymphatic drainage massage, which is sometimes called manual lymphatic drainage, or MLD, involves gently massaging areas of the body to help move lymph fluid to an area with working lymph vessels.

Lymphedema – is swelling caused by a buildup of lymph fluid in the body between the skin and muscle. Lymph fluid is part of the lymph system, which plays a role in your body’s ability to fight infection and disease and is not curable.

NOTE: CDT (complete decongestive therapy) is a term used for the treatment of Lymphedema

I hope this is helpful and provides a clearer understanding of the different words and which treatment you are interested in booking.

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