Savannah Massage Therapy and Wellness Clinic…How it came to be.

"I spent a significant amount of time, researching names, throwing out ideas to friends and family, before settling on Savannah Massage Therapy and Wellness clinic."

The meaning behind the clinic name and logo.

I have had a few people ask me “why did you name your clinic Savannah Massage Therapy?” “ Where does the name Savannah come from?” I’ve also had people refer to me as Savannah (don’t worry, I love the name)

I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa until the young age of 17, until my family moved to Canada in the year of 2000.

If you have ever visited a game reserve in Africa, I think you would agree, that it is possibly one of the most beautiful sceneries you will ever experience.The animals, the vast African plains and the unbelievable sunsets. 


I spent a significant amount of time, researching names, throwing out ideas to friends and family, before settling on Savannah Massage Therapy and Wellness clinic. Although, I always knew I really liked the name, I didn’t want to rush into registering a business name until I was certain. So I chose to go with a name that had meaning to me, represented my roots, and would be unique. 

The logo-created by (Steve Shearer) Thank you!

The Tree- Acacia Trees (my logo) is an iconic tree and second to the more popular tree known as the Baobabs. These tress are well known land marks in the veld(bush)/savannas in Africa. I chose the tree to keep a part of my “roots” in my new business. The hands resemble myself as a RMT, without my hands I would not be able to do the work I love, after 13 years as a massage therapist, I can honestly say I love what I do.

The “Wellness Clinic” part…

I myself am in the midst of finishing a Nutritional Consulting Course through the Alive Academy. My goal is to add this to my work as a RMT and to offer nutritional consulting. I hope to grow Savannah Massage Therapy and Wellness clinic, into a clinic that offers a variety of alternative health practitioners.

Without my clients my business would not be what it has become today, thank you for your continued support.

Thank you!

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Lisa De Souza

Lisa De Souza

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