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Your PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY is very important to us.


After a recent conversation with a co-worker and signing up for my first seminar with

Jane-Data Privacy: Protect Yourself, Your Clinic and Your Clients Confirmation I thought I would write about the privacy and confidentiality when you are at your health care providers clinic.

What information are we allowed to share?

As health care providers your treatment and health are private and confidential, we may only provide information to a third party with your written consent or if you are the appointed substitute decision-maker for the client.

Things we cannot answer about a family member, a co-worker, spouse or partner who attends or has attended our clinic:

            Who do they come and see for treatment?

            Have you seen them for an appointment recently?

            I just saw them leaving the building, they must have just seen you for a treatment?

            Does my co-worker who I referred to your clinic come here?

            Did my spouse call you to make an appointment, I did tell them to

            I spoke with my friend today and they told me they are coming to see you today after my appointment?

            I heard my friend had to cancel their appointment today with you because they are sick

            Do you know if my co-worker is seeing any benefit from their treatments here at the clinic?

Unfortunately, anything to do with someone else’s appointments or history of their attendance at the clinic is all information we will not share with you.

Your PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY is very important to us. If you would like to read about of Standards of Practice and guidance set out by The CMTO please visit:


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Lisa De Souza

Lisa De Souza

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